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Topic: Ice Skating

1.How do Ice skaters keep their balance while they are spinning so fast?

2.How do ice skaters spin so fast?

3.How does the surface of the ice and the surface of the ice skate affect the ice skater's jumps?

4.How much force does an ice skater need to do a spin?

5.How do ice skaters stop from spinning without falling down?

6.What is the advantage of spinning if there is one?

7. Is it harder to spin or jump and why?

8.What is the advantage of jumping if there is one?

9. How does a spin affect the ice skater's speed and balance?

10. How fast can an ice skater skate right before they do a jump or spin?

11.How do ice skater's enter a spin?

Research Notes for Us

1. Ice skaters keep their balance when they are spinning by tucking their arms tight against their chest as they spin and a force called angular momentum helps the ice skater keep their balance just like it does when someone rides a bicycle.
2.Ice skaters spin so fast by keeping their balance while they tuck in their arms tight against there chest.They also need torque to spin fast which is gained when they push down on the ice.

3.The surface of the ice and the surface of the ice skate affect the ice skater's jumps by making it harder to jump the more friction on the ice there is. The ice must be smooth in order to jump, move, and spin on it and the reason the ice skate blade is so thin is so that there is little friction. The ice skaters can actually skate on a small bead of water that is created when the ice skate blade melts the ice as the ice skater moves and that is why there can't be a lot of friction.
4.An ice skater needs more force than they weigh so that they can lift themselves up with the help of a force called velocity. Then another force acts upon them called gravity which brings them back to the ice after they do thier jump. This activity demonstrates Newton's first law of motion called inertia. Inertia is a force that says that an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion.
5.Ice skaters dig their toe point in the ice and keep their head up so will not fall and they stop in an effective way.

6.The advantage of spinning is that you can practice them in very little space or crowded spaces. Spinning also gives you more speed than jumping does so you can perform more tricks in one movement than you can in a jump.
It is considered by some ice skaters to be harder to spin because you need balance, strength, and
the ability to not get motion sickness, but others consider a jump to be harder because you need a lot of strength.

8. When ice skaters spin it is a sign of appealing the audience. Most ice skaters want to get high scores from the judges so they add an appealing trick to show the judge their routie is worth an outstanding score.

9. During a spin, an ice skater wants to be balanced. On every spin their body positions need to be exact otherwise something might happen when they land from their spin.
10.An ice skater can skate up to 20mph right before a spin or jump.