Heyy everyone! It's Allie and Trey!

Our topic is snowboarding.

-snowboarding was first used in the olympics in 1998 in japan!

-Became a winter olympic sport in 1998!

Our questions:
What helps you go faster? !
What is types of snowboarding is in the olympics? !
What is the original name and how it was thought of? !
What are some special tricks? !

Research Notes:

What helps you go faster:
Less friction creates more speed, like carving.
It is critical for any snowboarder to keep his or her body on the center of the board.
Wind on the backside makes your speed increase
Wind on the front side makes your speed decreas

Phyics help to gain speed and height
Lighter design is faster then free-style board

Ollie- springs off tail of board into the air
Nollie- springs off nose of board into the air
Nose Grab- Grab the front of the board
Tail Grab- Grab the tail of the board
Melon Grab- Grab in between the bindings of the board
Japan Air- grab behind the front foot and pull the board back in the air
Nuclear- The rear hand grabs the nose of the board
Roast Beef- back hand grabs the heel edge of the board
Flying Squirrel- Both hands grab the heel side of the board
Back flip and Front flip
Poker- front flip with 180 spin
180 or 360 spin

Races: straight with a couple of turns.
Halfpipes: straight away with two hills on both sides.The taller the more gravitional energy.
The ride down is potential energy. Gravity pulls them down the halfpipe.
Big Air: downward dash off the mountain into the air to do tricks.Man made jump.
Regular Runs: big tracks.

Orginal name and how it became:
Tom Sims thought of making a skateboard you can ride in snow.
He made the first one flat, but later created it with angles along the sides. (snurfer)
Jake Burton Carpenter had actually came up with using bindings though.

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