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Here you will use web resources to research interesting science topics, collaborate with other science students, plan multimedia projects and share what you learn with other students.

Using this Wiki

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Digital Citizenship

Remember that you are a citizen of the World Wide Web.


Always respect the work of other students. Never copy it and claim it as your own. Give feedback, not criticism. Always be conscious of the feelings of others.


Other people are depending on you to share correct information. Always be sure your work is well researched and valid. Use your very best writing at all times. Your work leaves a "digital footprint" that can never be erased. Never write things on the Internet that you would someday regret!


Know the difference between information that is safe to share and information that should be kept private. Never use your last name when publishing your writing on the Internet. Never give out personal information. Never communicate with anyone on the Internet that you don't know or that your parents and teachers don't know. If something happens that you feel is not right, please let a parent or teacher know immediately. They will know what to do.